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Reach an expanded market with rich and varied content marketing.

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“It’s critical to engage larger audiences on trusted third-party sites. But that requires a lot of resources.”
Dawn Colossi, Sr. Director of Worldwide Digital Marketing at Commvault

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We Understand

You can’t just wait for prospects to find you via inbound lead generation. You have to go where they are researching. Content syndication is an effective, efficient way to generate target leads that fit your ideal customer profile.

  • Leads generated don’t match Ideal
    Customer Profile
  • Media publishers are not created equal
  • Poor lead quality has a high cost
  • Time to focus on campaign performance is limited

All leads are not alike

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B2B marketers say content marketing is one of their largest sources of leads

Source: Chief Marketer, 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook, 2018
77% graphic.

B2B buyers consume 3+ pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson when making a purchase decision

Source: Demand Gen Report, 2020 Content Preferences Study, 2020
66% graphic.

B2B marketers use paid methods to distribute content

Source: Content Marketing Institute, B2B Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, 2019

Content Syndication

Integrate Content Syndication amplifies and adds depth to top-of-funnel marketing. Because it uses almost every kind of asset, content syndication is the richest and most varied of programs, capable of helping your B2B demand and revenue teams leverage third-party suppliers to break out from the noise and tap the white space in your market to meet pipeline or revenue goals.

The Benefits

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Boost pipeline

By expanding the reach of your branded content, you capture the high-quality, marketable prospects your sales team wants.

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Reach new audiences

Use trusted partners to put your best content in front of a larger audience, building awareness and engagement through strong customer connections.

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Set the stage

Provide depth to your marketing efforts, beginning at the top of funnel, by using rich and varied content that drives precision targeted campaigns.

Engage an Expert

Simplify and elevate your content marketing strategy.

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