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Gain rich, real-time insights into your top-of-funnel marketing activities.

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We Understand

As a B2B marketer, you’re under pressure to prove the ROI from your demand channels. If you simply aggregate campaign data to demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts in each channel, you get an incomplete picture. Without a holistic view, you don’t know what’s working and what’s not so you could be missing out on opportunities to drive greater value.

  • Time wasted pulling data and
    connecting dots
  • No clear view of performance
  • Missed opportunities
  • Inability to connect demand campaigns to revenue

Time to Change

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B2B marketers believe their ability to measure and analyze marketing performance and impact is poor or needs improvement

Source: Demand Gen Report, Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report, 2020
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B2B marketers say the inability to connect and analyze data across applications and platforms is their biggest measurement challenge

Source: Demand Gen Report, Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report, 2020
42% graphic.

Marketers can’t tie marketing activity overall to revenue

Source: ON24, ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report, 2020


Integrate Insights connects the data from all of your top-of-funnel channels to give you a holistic view of your demand generation performance. With rich and real-time insights, you can optimize campaigns to increase the flow of good leads into your pipeline, boost revenue impact, and easily prove marketing ROI.

The Benefits

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Analyze data easily

Dashboards powered by built-in data analytics provide immediate insights and support customized views that
you can easily explore for deeper knowledge. This flexibility allows for expanded data sets as your campaign activity increases.

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Focus on efficiencies

With insights across demand channels accessible in one place, your team can spend time optimizing campaigns and quickly understand their effectiveness.

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Spend budget wisely

Know where your investments are paying off so you can intelligently adjust spend and leverage the highest performing channels and assets.

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I love the insights that the dashboard provides! Having the ability to easily see how the leads from my campaigns are coming in with detailed information on each, provides me with the perfect tool to showcase marketing impact.

Toni Schmelze

Senior Marketing Manager of SAP Concur

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