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Precision Demand Generation Guide

This has been one challenging year. Business has gone digital overnight. Buyers are using the full range of channels to make decisions quickly. Marketers are struggling to keep up. 

Today, 70% of B2B buyers say they’re strongly considering switching from preferred customers to competitors. One-third are terminating contracts, dissatisfied with poor digital experiences.  

Precision Demand Generation is the omni-channel digital approach that enables marketers to break through silos, connect people, and create the transformational experiences B2B buyers are seeking. 

Precision Demand Generation helps marketers: 

  • Focus their efforts on ideal customers and accounts right when they’re looking for solutions  
  • Optimize budget, time and resources 
  • Deliver greater bottom-line value to their organizations  

Download our Precision Demand Generation Guide and get your Revenue Teams on the path to Marketing Nirvana.

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